Why Choose an Easy Breezy Silhouette for a Lunch Date?

Why Choose an Easy Breezy Silhouette for a Lunch Date?

Lunch dates are so effortless and low-pressure. As the late afternoon sunlight casts shadows, the inner rush of your heart is settled down, and the conversation grows deeper. While the dinner dates are more fancy and flirtatious, lunch dates are more wholesome and real.

At Sitaraa, we believe less is more, with elegance and simplicity the essence of our collection. So if you have a lunch date invitation or a soiree with your girlfriends around the corner, we have got up covered with our subtle collection.

Here’s some of the exclusive collection that is perfect for such small occasions.



Naira collection has been chiefly woven in the traditional chanderi fabric with modern silhouettes. The chanderi fabric is known for its lightweight and sheer texture that gives it a luxurious feel. Moreover, since the fabric is an impeccable choice for summers, we have thoughtfully chosen the shades that complement the summer mood, such as ivory white, mint, refreshing blue, peach, and colors that will light up your mood. The kurtas in the Naira collection have subtle aari embroidery on the floral motifs that make them perfect for light festivals or a soiree. So if you have a Mehndi function to attend after catching up with your friends, you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself for changing your attire.


Ruhee collection is for people who believe in exclusivity, and their clothes speak for their personality. Therefore, they are not afraid to make different and brave choices, and Silhouettes of the Ruhee are remarkably bold and complete in themselves. So if you have a Sunday brunch to attend and want to keep it minimal yet chic, Ruhee is what you are looking for.

The kurtas are mostly made of eucalyptus fabric, a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton and have beautiful shades in tie and dye pattern that instantly makes you stand out in the crowd.


Mul collection brings back the nostalgic feeling that one can associate with the Bollywood classics. The collection is for someone who has grown up romanticizing Shahrukh Khan's romcoms and secretly envisioning their mulmul dupatta will get stuck on someone's watch or shirt's button.

The Mul ensemble has incorporated royalty and delicacy of Mulmul fabric in it. The collection won’t fail in embracing your feminism with its Hakoba embroidery and plush colors.


Sometimes we look for attire that's not too much nor too less and it's hard to explain. But we hear you and gladly present you the Paakhi collection that has dwindling traces of drama intricately enmeshed with the simplicity of designs.

The delicate embroidery on the silk chanderi suits and the beautiful embellishment on the organza dupattas are the main attraction of the Paakhi collection that will turn heads the moment you'll make the entry in the soiree.

Take out your planner to check if there's any occasion in the coming future, and even if there's none we have an excuse for you to add our collection to your wardrobe as we are running an end-of-season sale!



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